1967 Pontiac GTO Body Repair


Deck Lid Replacement

This page is without doubt the most involved of this rebuild. The hours of this phase are more than the other phases combined.

The original deck lid skin was removed from the inner panel.
Then a pattern was made from the old skin. A buck was formed from oak to get the correct curve.

The old skin had significant rust so the new one looks much better.

After metal forming the new panel was aligned and fixed in place with clecos then removed and spot welded on rolled-under lip.


Door Skin Replacement

Because of past collision damage a new door skin is made for the passenger side.

Using a sheetmetal brake and english wheel the new panel can be formed to the same profile as the original. The old damaged skin is at the far right of the wheeling image and was used to match size, openings and profile at top and bottom of panel. New skin is shown in right image.


Lower Quarter Panel Replacement


The lower quarter panel was removed to receive new patch panel on the driver and passenger side. The complete floor and trunk have also been removed for new panels.

Rust damage at the front of wheel opening is relatively minor and will be repaired with a small patch panel.


Floor Brace Replacement

The floor braces are installed for the front, center and rear. This process and the installation of the new floor requires constant checking using diagonal measurements to assure that the body does not shift from square.


Final Body Prep

All panels replaced or repaired. Paint stripped final metalwork in progress.


Panel Gapping

After epoxy primer all panels are gapped. Final gaps will be perfected prior to paint.


Front End

Grill restored, new on left original on right. New front nose header panel, bumper and headlight bezels installed for panel alignment.


Rear Bumper

Rear bumper is installed for final alignment. Now body filler is skimmed on for a straight surface on all panels. Once the surface is prepared the car will be broke apart for painting interior surfaces then reassembled for exterior paint.