1967 Pontiac GTO Engine & Transmission Restoration


Carburetor Rebuild

The Quadrajet was disassembled and cleaned for overhaul.
The throttle-shafts were showing play so the throttle-body was machined for a bushing kit.


Engine Rebuild

After complete tear-down and rebuild the engine is started for break-in. As upgrade the engine now has HEI ignition and HO manifolds.


Transmission and Shifter Rebuild

The Muncie 4 speed M20 was in great shape but needed a new case.

With the rebuild complete the transmission has an Auto Gear Supercase. It will be better than new.

The Hurst Competition Plus shifter was disassembled and new shims installed for a more tight feel.


Drive-line installed

With the drive-line, Flow-master exhaust, master cylinder, parking brake and steering column installed the car can be moved to continue the final body work and paint.


Transmission Rebuild Tips

Use an old welding rod case to make a great tool to install needle bearings in counter-shaft.


When you're ready to install the main-shaft, mark the slot for the hub key in the syncro ring before placing it on the input shaft.

Use wire tie to hold the three hub keys. One is circled in photo. When you install the main-shaft this will allow the slider to be positioned forward for the gears to clear without the keys falling out of place. Then just slide the slider up enough to line up the black mark on the syncro ring and the key and drop the main-shaft into the input shaft.